NetworkPolicy Deny All not working

Cluster information:

Kubernetes version: v1.21
Cloud being used: aws
CNI and version: 1.11.0-eksbuild.1

Hey :wave:
Im trying to isolate a pod from others in a given namespace.
In other words, i dont want this pod to receive or send any traffic to/from others pods.
To achieve this i tried to use the following network policy written in Kubernetes documentation. Additionally added a matchLabel to only isolate the pod i wanted.

After applying, i deployed a busy box in the same namespace where the pod is. I was able to succefully ping and connect via telnet to the pod i was trying to isolate.
I used the IP given by performing kubectl get pods -n <namespace> -o wide

Am i missing something on why the NetworkPolicy to deny all didnt work?

Hey @radaeld ,
Please check deployed network plugins. Flannel doesn’t support network policy and weave|calico does.