Deployment die

Let`s say i deployed 5 pods(a deployment with 5 replica) and after a while a pod dies.The deployment controller will recreate a new pod?


You describe a desired state in a Deployment, and the Deployment Controller changes the actual state to the desired state at a controlled rate.

See Deployments | Kubernetes

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If i just create a pod and not a deplyment then if that pod dies will not be created a new pod.This is because no controller control the state of this pod.true?

I would say “yes”, because there is no such thing a a “pod controller”; pods deployed directly are referred in the documentation as naked pods:

Don’t use naked Pods (that is, Pods not bound to a ReplicaSet or Deployment) if you can avoid it. Naked Pods will not be rescheduled in the event of a node failure.

From Configuration Best Practices | Kubernetes

P.S: As the notion of the “pod dying” may be open to interpretation, you may also take a look to Container restart policy:

The restartPolicy applies to all containers in the Pod. restartPolicy only refers to restarts of the containers by the kubelet on the same node. After containers in a Pod exit, the kubelet restarts them with an exponential back-off delay […]

So even if there is no pod-controller, if one or more containers fail for some reason, they will be restarted by the kubelet according to the restartPolicy defined in the pod spec.

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