Deployment on Windows on Virtualbox gets stuck with installer trying to initialize WSL/HyperV

Today I tried deploying MicroK8s on a Windows 10 Enterprise laptop (with i7-8850 CPU 6 cores/12 threads @ 2.8GHz, 32GB RAM, 500GB SSD), but using Virtualbox (not WSL2 / HyperV). I am a 100% sure that the choices I made as as per documentation here for Windows 10. However, it seems that the installer kept trying to check for HyperV and failing. Is that usual ? Does it try some X number of times before giving up and going ahead with Virtualbox. I have a functional Virtualbox 6.1.34 setup on this machine, and have been running handcrafted VMs on it for a very long time.

My aim was to have a multinode cluster i.e. multiple worker-nodes in this setup. Is that an achievable goal ? I use Minikube today, but due to largish workload that I need to deploy, I was considering microK8s due to some reports of it needing less resource. It that really true ?

This is just FYI, as I’ve uninstalled MicroK8s for now, as I needed to free up resources for alternative K8s distro installation. As a result unable to share any logs, screenshots. I might try to come back to microK8s in a while once the current urgency for some demo setup is resolved.