Hi. How to install on a Windows 7 Machine?



I have this file downloaded.


Hi Paul,

You will need at least Windows Server 2019 to get k8s up and running on Windows.

Here is the Summary for windows support, Windows in Kubernetes - Kubernetes and here is the how to guide, Guide for adding Windows Nodes in Kubernetes - Kubernetes

You may also find the MS docs useful too, https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/virtualization/windowscontainers/kubernetes/joining-windows-workers?tabs=ManagementIP


Seems like with Windows 7 64-bit with VT and VirtualBox, I an able to install ‘kubectl’ and ‘minikube’.

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Running Windows Containers in Windows Dev machine

Ya getting up and running with minikube and kubectl is a different story, that’s a little easier to do :slight_smile: . A full install is a little trickier.

Glad you were able to get minikube up and running, it’s awesome.

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