Cant start my cluster


I have ‘minikube.exe’ and ‘kubectl.exe’ in C:\ and the PATH.


Is there a reason you’re trying to install v1.4.0 . Have you tried a more recent version?


Working from this tutorial. It is 2.5 years old.


Cool. Have you tried a more recent version to see if the installer likes that better, 1.14.1 for example?


I will try a newer version. But in the meantime when I checked %HOMEFOLDER%.\minikube , I did not find that folder, and when it checked for available versions nothing was displayed. I think maybe I dont have it installed properly. But when I check for ‘minikube’ version, that displays. How to really validate my install ?


Normally I would just do the version check to verify it installed but I can’t remember what the support is like on Win7 . If you can’t get it to work, do you have Vagrant installed? I found this to be a really nice setup for testing k8s, might be a good alternative for you.