Cannot start minikube in VPS Server

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Cluster information:

Kubernetes version: client: v1.26.0 Kustomize version: v4.5.7
Cloud being used: hostinger 2 CPU 2G
Installation method:
Host OS: Ubuntu 18.04.6

I installed Kubernetes and cannot start minikube
X Exiting due to GUEST_PROVISION_EXIT_UNEXPECTED: Failed to start host: creating host: create: creating: create kic node: container name “minikube”: log: 2023-01-02T19:38:56.257082309Z + mount -o remount,ro /sys
2023-01-02T19:38:56.261639297Z mount: /sys: permission denied.
2023-01-02T19:38:56.263111254Z + [[ -n ‘’ ]]

I tryed as root and got same result.
How can I proceed to get minikube starting?

I found a workarround.
I installed a lightweight kubernetes.
It is performing well.