Minikube fails to start on ubuntu 22

I’ve installed minikube version 1.30.1 on ubuntu 22 using Docker for virtualization. Running minikube start fails. The last error in the (>1400 line) log file is:

E0517 18:09:14.745834 16485 kubelet.go:1449] “Failed to start cAdvisor” err=“inotify_add_watch /sys/fs/cgroup: no space left on device”

I have this in my /etc/sysctl.conf file so I doubt that I don’t have enough inotify watches:


The complete output is at

There are numerous errors about kubeadm not running, but I assume those are coming from minikube running inside Docker.

Do I need kubeadm installed on Ubuntu 22 in order to run minikube?