Difference between configuring kubectl using microk8s config and microk8s kubectl config

Hello, we have scripts that configure kubectl for microk8s using microk8s config, like this:

microk8s config > $HOME/.kube/config

This sets the server IP to the default interface address (i.e. https://10.x.x.x:16443). We are investigating changing this to localhost to avoid calls to the Kube API potentially going out and coming back in. One method I’ve found for this is to set the config from microk8s kubectl config, i.e:

microk8s kubectl config view --raw > $HOME/.kube/config #command from microk8s README

An alternative option is to pass the --use-loopback flag to microk8s config.

Might either of these changes have any potentially adverse effects on current functionality? We use storage, rbac, and dns add-ons.

The microk8s config command takes a parameter -l which will return similar to microk8s kubectl config --raw. Both are actually the same.