DNS resolution after Microk8s startup

Hello there !

I’m quite new to k8s and thus Microk8s. I have the following environment:

  • lubuntu distro, Bionic version 18.05 LTS
  • Microk8s installed as a snap, last release.

I’ve got the following flow:

  • Image Docker build.
  • Docker push into Microk8s registry
  • Apply of a yaml for k8s deployement with my brand-new image.

…thing is, each time I “snap enable microk8s”, I cannot build images any further (image building requires some DNS launchpad to be reachable, which is no more the case, once Microk8s got started)… Seems like Microk8s is playing around with DNS, right ? I have to disable snap and reboot the distro…
Any clue about that ? I thank you ! :slight_smile: