docker kubernetes

in a pod i have 2 docker containers->a container run nginx and other run httpd.
i understood that the pod is seen by OS as a process.
with ps aux can i see the processes for nginx and httpd as well?
inside the kubernetes does not run other OS on top of OS on physical host.right?

Each container is a different process (even if they are on the same pod).

You won’t be able to see from nginx process httpd running PS faux. There is experimental support for that.

And right, the container just runs a process, does not boot another OS.

we have -kubernete process and the 2 docker container processes.right?
the kubernete process is used in kubernete cluster-load balancing of resources.right?

It depends if you want to start automatically if it’s stopped or not. You can try all these things, too :slight_smile:

somehow the kubernete process is the parent process to nginx and http processes?

What do you mean with the kubernetes process?

It’s just a container (probably docker container). Nothing different there. Feel free to read more docs and come back if you have any other questions :slight_smile:

when a pod is created there will be a process that run this pod.right?

Kubelet, the kubernetes node agent manages the pods on the host. However it is not a process that starts within and manages your containers. Functionally, containers will start the same way as if they were run in docker with the exception they share the same network identity.

if the host where this pod runs fails then automatically the pod fails over to other host.i think the kubernetes cluster knows about the pod structure and thus the docker containers inside the pod failsover.

Correct. Kubernetes will try and place the workloads on other hosts.