Docker push to microk8s registry "connection reset by peer"

I have installed microk8s on linux server in local network. I also use registry.
Now till few days ago pushing to docker registry works fine. But then suddenly it breaks with error:

“read: connection reset by peer”

microkol@KOL1197:/mnt/c/developPython/salonitBaseline$ docker push setup02:32000/salonit-base --all-tags
The push refers to repository [setup02:32000/salonit-base]
e2de4d2dd9c8: Layer already exists
be44c3af6619: Layer already exists
7055d144143f: Layer already exists
261ed617305c: Layer already exists
37b14643f733: Layer already exists
d85b356ec3b5: Layer already exists
Patch “http://setup02:32000/v2/salonit-base/blobs/uploads/655ebfbc-64a9-4756-a9e5-1ae39b7e4196?_state=acv3jeDpx6yFrBQjZr9otmssYuvayzLhUgqHnMLc-fZ7Ik5hbWUiOiJzYWxvbml0LWJhc2UiLCJVVUlEIjoiNjU1ZWJmYmMtNjRhOS00NzU2LWE5ZTUtMWFlMzliN2U0MTk2IiwiT2Zmc2V0IjowLCJTdGFydGVkQXQiOiIyMDIzLTA2LTE0VDA0OjU4OjQ3Ljg0NDk2MTM1NVoifQ%3D%3D”: read tcp> read: connection reset by peer

I have tried to disable registry and clean its space, but the problem still existst. Meanwhile I can easily push to azure private repository same image.

Does anybody know how to solve this error?