[eBook] Kubernetes for NFV, Machine Learning and AI Workloads



Calsoft released this ebook to emphasize on Kubernetes technology and how it is disrupting the IT ecosystem to support highly automated and efficient data center for almost any type on new age workloads. Here’s a quick index:

  • What is Kubernetes?
  • How Kubernetes Works
  • Where to get Kubernetes
  • Kubernetes vs. Docker
  • Impact of Kubernetes on Microservices Architecture
  • Kubernetes and AI/Machine Learning
  • Kubernetes and NFV
  • Kubernetes Commercial Distributions
  • Recent announcements related to Kubernetes

Download: https://calsoftinc.com/resources/ebooks/kubernetes-advancing-from-container-orchestration-to-new-age-complex-workloads/?utm_source=SocialMedia&utm_medium=KubernetesForum