New Kubernetes Book Asking for Feedback

Hi all

@jayunit100 and I just released a book through Manning, and are in MEAP, there online early release program. We would greatly appreciate any and all feedback. It is in early release, aka not completely edited, so please excuse the typos :slight_smile:

The book is an intermediate to advanced book talking about Kubernetes internals and operational practices. For instance, what does kubelet actually do?

You can get the online version here and read the first chapter for free

And use code mllovetw for a discount.

Again thanks in advance for any feedback!


Took a quick look on what is available so far, I like the fact you go deep in subjects you have chosen. will you be covering Windows containers? how about day 2 operations insights?

Thanks for the feedback! Both Jay and I are not windows gurus, so we do not feel capable of appropriately covering the windows side of the house. At least that is the way I feel, maybe Jay can :grin:

Day 2 ops will be covered in terms of security, and I hope monitoring and logging!