Overview / Big Picture of Cloud Native (Book)

I want to learn the kubernetes ecosystem.

Up to now I am missing the big picture of the cloud native tools

If I look at this, I am overwhelmed: https://landscape.cncf.io/

There the book “Cloud Native Infrastructure” from 2017.

I am unsure. Is this book still up to date?

Which book could help me?

No reply? That’s sad. Is there a better place to ask questions like this?

Sorry lots of us are on the road at KubeCon, I’ve shared this thread on twitter asking for help!

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Ya that landscape can be rather overwhelming.

I recently read through Cloud Native Infrastructure and found it very useful for understanding the underlying work. As for Kubernetes itself,Kubernetes: Up and Running was a great read, same with Nigel Poulton’s Kubernetes book. That being said I haven’t come across a book that addresses the landscape itself.

I found a good place to start is breaking things down into more digestible chunks and defining what problem your looking to tackle/learn about is. The CNCF TrailMap attempts to address that. While it is focused on just CNCF projects you can apply those categories to things in the CNCF Landscape.

I recently introduced Kubernetes to my organization and grabbled with this exact same situation and did a talk at this years kubecon about it (sadly not on youtube yet).

I’d love to help more, if you have any questions.

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Thank you very much for your answer. Up to now I am happy running my applications in virtual machines (linux). No containers, no kubernetes. I have no particular problem, just a vague idea that cloud native tools could help me in the future.

I guess the “best practices” have not settled yet, there is still a competition between tools which look roughly equal in my eyes. This makes my unsure since I have not enough experience to make a reliable decisions.

Since I have no problems with the infrastructure in the current context, it might be wise to wait one year. Once I made a mistake and took salt-stack and not ansible. If I had waited some months, then I would have seen which one wins.

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Happy to help :slight_smile:

Speaking of best practices, there was a new book that was just released from some O’Reilly that was written by a Brendan Burns, Lachlan Evenson, Dave Strebel and Eddie Villalba. I have it on order now so I haven’t read it yet, but given who it was written by it’s sure to be a good one.