Overview / Big Picture of Cloud Native (Book)

I want to learn the kubernetes ecosystem.

Up to now I am missing the big picture of the cloud native tools

If I look at this, I am overwhelmed: https://landscape.cncf.io/

There the book “Cloud Native Infrastructure” from 2017.

I am unsure. Is this book still up to date?

Which book could help me?

No reply? That’s sad. Is there a better place to ask questions like this?

Sorry lots of us are on the road at KubeCon, I’ve shared this thread on twitter asking for help!

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Ya that landscape can be rather overwhelming.

I recently read through Cloud Native Infrastructure and found it very useful for understanding the underlying work. As for Kubernetes itself,Kubernetes: Up and Running was a great read, same with Nigel Poulton’s Kubernetes book. That being said I haven’t come across a book that addresses the landscape itself.

I found a good place to start is breaking things down into more digestible chunks and defining what problem your looking to tackle/learn about is. The CNCF TrailMap attempts to address that. While it is focused on just CNCF projects you can apply those categories to things in the CNCF Landscape.

I recently introduced Kubernetes to my organization and grabbled with this exact same situation and did a talk at this years kubecon about it (sadly not on youtube yet).

I’d love to help more, if you have any questions.

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Thank you very much for your answer. Up to now I am happy running my applications in virtual machines (linux). No containers, no kubernetes. I have no particular problem, just a vague idea that cloud native tools could help me in the future.

I guess the “best practices” have not settled yet, there is still a competition between tools which look roughly equal in my eyes. This makes my unsure since I have not enough experience to make a reliable decisions.

Since I have no problems with the infrastructure in the current context, it might be wise to wait one year. Once I made a mistake and took salt-stack and not ansible. If I had waited some months, then I would have seen which one wins.

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Happy to help :slight_smile:

Speaking of best practices, there was a new book that was just released from some O’Reilly that was written by a Brendan Burns, Lachlan Evenson, Dave Strebel and Eddie Villalba. I have it on order now so I haven’t read it yet, but given who it was written by it’s sure to be a good one.

Thank you for the hint to the book. I ordered it, too.
Nevertheless I think cloud native is much more than kubernetes.
Kubernetes has won, alternatives make no sense any more.
But “around” kubernetes there are still too many tools. Time will tell.

Oh ya it’s huge :slight_smile: I try to break things down into smaller chunks just to keep things straight. I’m very interested to see how the security landscape shakes out over the next little while, especially the uptake of Open Policy Agent.