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Ebooks or usefull online Free Materials

Im coming from the infrastructure world, an am used to design and desployments with Azure Infrastructure. I have been spinning up Azure Kubernetes and Docker images for Demo purposes.

My next steps are to really understand the design decisions and how they impact on Kubernetes and build out best practices etc. There is a loot of material about, as i have found with tools like Az Cli and Terraform they get out of date very quickly, so dont want to waste my time on stuff that is deprecated.

Is there any reccomended:

free courses

design patterns

best practice considerations for designing clusters, cubes etc, managing resources and security.


When I was starting out I found the following courses to be rather helpful.

For Ebooks

Awesome Kubernetes has a good collection of material as well.

The K8s docs are also a great place to learn from too.

If you looking for something more specific let me know, happy to help out :slight_smile: