Error 404 when trying to access Kubernetes dashboard from remote laptop using SSH proxy

I have a remote cluster on a remote private Cloud to which I have only SSH access (no GUI). I started the proxy server with:

kubectl proxy --address= --accept-hosts=.*

And started a local SSH proxy to the remote K8s master with:

ssh -L 8001: -N -f $MASTER_IP

The dashboard is accessible from the following address on my local laptop:


For the token I created a CluserRoleBinding and retrieved the token using (You can find detailed instructions in a reply on this link) :

kubectl describe secret $ROLE-TOKEN

But once I click sign in, I get:

404 Not found. The server could not find the requested resource.

What is the reason for this and how to get around it ?

Technical details:

    OS: Debian 10
    Kubernetes installed with Kubespray
    Kubespray version: 2.12.0
    Kubernetes version: 1.16.3
    Dashboard version: 1.10.1