External control plane database

Is there a way to get microk8s to store its control plane data on an external database such as postgres, instead of whatever it uses internally? k3s is able to do this for instance.

The reason is to leverage managed backups of databases on my cloud service of choice (eg RDS or GCP SQL) for disaster recovery.

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I remember doing this once but not with the kine that comes with microk8s.

I started a standalone kine and point the microk8s apiserver to that kine. Its pretty straight forward.

It should be possible though, shouldn’t it? Doesn’t microk8s use dqlite which seems to be a souped up sqlite?

Yes its possible to use an external store via kine.
And yes microk8s uses dqlite, which as you called it a souped up sqlite. Dqlite is a distributed sqlite. :smiley:

Thank you. Are you aware of any docs on how to accomplish this at all? Microk8s + kine (or kinesis, is that what you mean?) on google isn’t very forthcoming

I assume balchua1 is referring to kine as in “kine is not etcd”:

originally from rancher but now apparently hosted in the k3s github organization.

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