Getting Kubernetes to work with Podman 3.1.2

Host OS: RHEL 8.3
Podman: 3.1.2

We have standardized on RHEL 8.3 and are trying to NOT use Docker. I have downloaded the latest and greatest Podman rather than use the RH repos.

Q1: Will Kubernetes work with Podman? I seem to be in the minority and have not found many comments about this combination.

Q2: Anyone seen any good installation guides? The answer to Q1 may be that fact that I am not installing things properly. I’m starting from a base generic install on a new system. Most of the guides I have seen make lots of assumptions of what is already installed.

I have a task that Kube would be perfectly suited for but I can’t get it working, BTW: Podman works perfectly.

You can use podman, but it requires something like CRI-O to work as an intermediary. RedHat uses it for openshift, but to the best of my knowledge - they’re really the only ones actively using it. containerd is generally the preferred choice by most folk.

Thank you! This helps.

Have you or any others seen documentation on installing Kubernetes with containerd so that it works with Podman?

I do not - My apologies, I meant in my previous post that I don’t really know anyone using podman. Most folk use containerd and runc behind the scenes (containerd’s default)

Hi there

I have primarily the same questions - and not much of an answer so far - but just to let you know you are not alone in this :slight_smile:

I have been using podman as a replacement to docker for a whole year now in a production environment and have come to like it much more than docker; I am rather surprised too that podman is not more often mentioned in the kubernetes docs

So I’m currently trying to achieve goals that are similar to yours iiuc, i.e. set up a playground k8s cluster on a handful of bare metal nodes running f33; I’m trying to use as little as I can from outside of the mainstream fedora + kubernetes repos

my working angle for now is to bet on a cri-o / podman combination, I’ll see how it goes

PS. I have considered using openshift but that is clearly something I am not going to be able to afford, so here I am

if there’s interest I can report on this thread about my findings

I too like podman better and have already started using it for semi-production.

However, I have had to make some tough choices. Red Hat really did a number on version 8.3 for Docker. I could not get Podman and Kubernetes to work on RHEL. Docker on RHEL 8.3 is severely crippled and will not work with Kube… I finally switched to Ubuntu 18 and got Kube working with Docker the first day.

fwiw I just contacted the podman mailing list about this