Helm chart installation of wordpress error

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Cluster information:

Kubernetes version:v1.27.2
Cloud being used: linode
Installation method: installation from scratch
Host OS: ubuntu 22.04
CNI and version: cniVersion": “0.3.1”
CRI and version: 2

i am newbie to kubernetes , the installation went successful , i tried to intall wordpress application using helm , i tried

# export SERVICE_IP=$(kubectl get svc --namespace default wp-test-wordpress --template "{{ range (index .status.loadBalancer.ingress 0) }}{{ . }}{{ end }}")")

i got the below error

error: error executing template "{{ range (index .status.loadBalancer.ingress 0) }}{{ . }}{{ end }}": template: output:1:10: executing "output" at <index .status.loadBalancer.ingress 0>: error calling index: index of untyped nil

any clues to fix the problem

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Same error :frowning: