Helm not connecting to Tiller

Since upgrading to 2.12.3 I am assuming that it cannot connect to Tiller or Tiller is not responding.

Things I have done:

  • reinstalled helm
  • reinit helm and upgraded tiller (tiller version 2.12.3)
  • tried to remove tiller but can’t

Regardless of what I’ve tried so far, I can’t get helm to respond. ng helm version only shows the client… hangs on server. helm list hangs, helm reset hangs.

Is there any verbose way to debug this?

Adding to this, I was successfully able to manually delete the tiller service and deployment. I did a fresh helm init on version 2.12.3 which I confirmed launched a new service and pod. But I’m still not able to get any response back from the server when running helm version.

Good Day Eric.

when you said tiller does not respond. It’s because tiller deployment is not available because their pod is not running.

best regard