Help someone out here, win some prizes!

Hello everyone,

It’s tshirt time!

From now until KubeCon + Cloud NativeCon in November I will be giving out Kubernetes t-shirts to people on this forum who are helping out new users and contributing to the community.

So feel free to dive in! I will be using a mix of secret criteria to determine the prizes and I will be giving them out throughout the next few months! You’ll also get a special shoutout during my KubeCon talk.

Here are some hints, if someone’s helped you out on this forum you can help by clicking on the like :heart: icon on the post, you can also earn badges by sharing good content via the share button on social media, so if you see something particularly good and help get the word out, that counts for something. :smiley:

I will also keep an eye out on original content, so if you did something good (or bad!) to your cluster and write it up for the rest of the community to learn from that will count towards a shirt!

Good luck and feel free to ask any questions.



@feloy has won our first shirt, I’m looking to give out a few more this week, so keep on truckin’!


Ok I’ve given out 8 shirts or so, waiting on a new stock of shirts to hit the store. In the meantime what we’ll do is from now is keep tracking activity and hand out a bunch at the end of next week. We’re expecting lots of new users for KubeCon + CloudNativeCon so plenty of opportunities to help out!