Heptio Ark v0.9.10 released!

Hello everyone,

Today we released Heptio Ark v0.9.10 with the following bug fixes:

  • restore storageclasses before pvs and pvcs (#594, shubheksha)
  • AWS: Ensure that the order returned by ListObjects is consistent (#999, bashofmann)
  • Add CRDs to list of prioritized resources (#424, domenicrosati)
  • Verify PV doesn’t exist before creating new volume (#609, nrb)
  • Update README.md - Grammar mistake corrected (#1018, midhunbiju)

You can get the new binaries at https://github.com/heptio/ark/releases/tag/v0.9.10 and get the latest image by updating your deployments to use the v0.9.10 tag.