Heptio Ark v0.9.8 bug fix release


Hello everyone,

We’ve released v0.9.8 of Heptio Ark today, addressing the following bugs:

  • Discard service account token volume mounts from init containers on restore (PR #910), @james-powis)
  • Support --include-cluster-resources flag when creating schedule (PR #942, captjt)
  • Remove logic to get a GCP project (PR #926, shubheksha)
  • Only try to back up PVCs linked PV if the PVC’s phase is Bound (PR #920, skriss)
  • Claim ownership of new AWS volumes on Kubernetes cluster being restored into (PR #801, ljakimczuk)
  • Remove timeout check when taking snapshots (PR #928, carlisia)

Thanks to james-powis, captjt, shubheksha, and ljakimczuk for their contributions!

You can get the binaries at https://github.com/heptio/ark/releases/tag/v0.9.8, or update your deployment tags to use the v0.9.8 image.