How can cilium be used with microk8s?

2 goals I have are to add network policies, ideally with hubble to easily turn flows into a start of a network policy, and to allow src ip preservation to the pods.

I believe ebpf can be used to preserve source ip address information where that is lost with kube-proxy. (docs: add hint to calicos eBPF dataplane for IP preservation · Issue #742 · metallb/metallb · GitHub)

Running microk8s enable cilium seems to disconnect the host and drop all inbound traffic. (microk8s enable cilium has warnings and causes the node to become inaccessible. · Issue #3108 · canonical/microk8s · GitHub)

Am I doing something wrong? It’s also very confusing where to go to post issues/ask for help. Microk8s? microk8s community addons? Here? cilium github/slack?

Everywhere I’ve looked or asked it seems like nobody is running ebpf with microk8s.