MicroK8s 1.16.0-beta.1

A beta release of MicroK8s 1.16.0 is now available, offering a preview of what you’ll find in the upcoming 1.16.0 stable release, scheduled for next month.

MicroK8s is a small, fast, conformant Kubernetes that’s easy to install on any Linux distribution that supports snaps. It’s a great fit for a variety of use-cases, including local development, CI/CD, IoT and edge-cloud applications.

To install the 1.16.0-beta.1 release:

snap install microk8s --classic --channel 1.16/beta

To try the beta with an existing install of MicroK8s:

snap refresh microk8s --channel 1.16/beta

Here’s a look at what’s coming in 1.16.0:

  • Clustering - MicroK8s nodes can be joined to create a multi-node cluster (this is not in the 1.16.0-beta.1 release yet - see this post if you want to try it)
  • New Cilium addon courtesy of @joestringer. Try it with microk8s.enable cilium
  • New Helm addon courtesy of @joestringer. Try it with microk8s.enable helm
  • RBAC rules for CoreDNS and storage add ons, courtesy of @wichert.
  • Istio upgraded to v1.2.2 and now includes kiali
  • Knative upgraded to v0.7
  • Enabling of aggregation layer and fix on metrics server RBAC rules, thank you @giner
  • Improvements in the inspection script, thanks @giorgos-apo

For more information on MicroK8s consult the official docs, and to contribute to the project, check out the repo at https://github.com/ubuntu/microk8s, or chat with us on the Kubernetes Slack, in the #microk8s channel!