How can I find why my k8s cluster is using irregular nodes

i am having problem of uneven resource usage among nodes in k8s cluster
Specifically: I have 7 workers, the jobs all share resources equally, only worker 3 doesn’t have any 1 pods in use.
I have tested the following components:

  • node Selector :none
  • taint : none
  • CPU,memory worker 3 is bigger than limit and request of pods.deployment
    hope someone can help me come up with the test method
    my app is blackduck, use Helm charts to build

Hi D_c_Tu_n_Mai,
Is it a question related to MicroK8s cluster or general about Kubernetes?

Br Yalton

here is 1 question about MicroK8s cluster
can you help me

Good, thanks for using MicroK8s, would you mind to open the question on MicroK8s github site:
Issues · canonical/microk8s · GitHub, it is easier to get support from the community.