How can I upload the image from local computer to k8s cluster

Hello, I have the HCL Altas setup file on my local computer which has to be uploaded to the Kubernetes cluster in the IBM cloud.

Can you please share the command to upload the file to the K8s cluster

Cluster information:

Kubernetes version: 1.16
Cloud being used:
Installation method: HCL altas ( installation steps -
Host OS: IBM Cloud

[HCL atlas installation on K8s](
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You don’t upload images directly to a cluster. They must be uploaded to a container registry (IBM has their own if you want to use that), and then they are pulled by down by nodes in the cluster.

There is an option how you could move images or even better directly build your image on the Kubernetes cluster:

diagrams-buildkit-cli-for-kubectl (10) (1)

A key feature of BuildKit CLI for kubectl is that it strives to make the images you build immediately available in the container runtime of your Kubernetes cluster so you can “bounce” your pod(s) to pick up a freshly built image with virtually no overhead.

In this post I present a method on how to boost developers productivity the BuildKit CLI for kubectl proving that developers can cut down deployment time significantly while staying in the inner-loop.