How different databases (replicas=2 or more) on kubernetes cluster can share same data?

Hi everyone.
I want to create more than one mysql(or any database) containers on kubernetes and they have to share same data for our frontend web server. How can I design and manage that system?

Thank you guys.

Regardless of using Kubernetes or not, most databases don’t support sharing the same database files between multiple instances. Typically each database instance will maintain it’s own copy and the database will handle replication between the instances.
I would first think about how you would architect this if you were not using Kubernetes because logically from the database layer the same rules apply.

Whats the reason for needing multiple databases having the same data? Performance? Availability?
Do you have multiple web servers too?
Just trying to understand the use case before making suggestions.

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my first priority is performance, not crashing in multiple access but also increasing the accessibility of the system.

Thank you for comment.

also I can draw my use case for better understanding