New in Kubernetes - Problem with Mysql Deployment


Im very new in K8S and I would like to create a deployment of Mysql with 5 Replicas and the volume must share the same volume in order after to create a Load Balancing in Front of these 5 replicas but it doesnt work.

All the container try to read in same time the volume that occur an error.

What could you give me as advice ? any link ?

Thanks in advance

are you following this guide? https:// kubernetes .io/docs/tasks/run-application/run-replicated-stateful-application if not try it out, I am not sure if you can have them use the same volume without doing some hacky stuff with folder names though, because of the read/write conflicts you are already encountering

Thanks for you reply.

i didnt read this tutorial so i will go ahed with learn more about statefulset.