How do you manage applications pre- and post-deployment?

Hi! I’m a designer working on enterprise software for Kubernetes users. I want to understand how people approach managing their applications pre- and post-deployment.

If you have <5 minutes to spare, I would appreciate it if you took this survey.

You could also email me to set up a time to talk ( Thanks in advance! :slightly_smiling_face:

Also, we can just have a discussion here if that is easier. The info I’m looking for breaks down like this:

  1. [Pre-deployment] What are you deploying, how do you get the specs, how do you manage the specs, what happens when specs need to be updated/changed, how do you manage versioning
  2. [Deployment] How do you deploy applications, what are the pain points in managing deployed applications?
  3. [Monitoring] How do you monitor deployed applications, how do you manage updating to newer versions, how do you understand applications better before they are deployed?