Kubernetes general questions

I am new to Kubernetes, I was reading the documentation part of Kubernetes, but I have some questions that I didn’t find exact answers to them, if anyone could help me by pointing to the question answer in the documentation if found, I will be thankful.

  1. How do we start and stop a fleet of services?
  2. How do we aggregate metrics/SLAs across microservices?
  3. How do we learn about the health of our cluster or individual services?
  4. How do we restart services that have fallen over?
  5. How do we do fine grained API routing?
  6. How do we throttle or disconnect parts of a cluster if it starts to crash or act unexpectedly?
  7. How do we deploy multiple versions of a service and route to them appropriately?
  8. How do we make configuration changes across a large fleet of services?
  9. How do we make changes to our application code and configuration in a safe, auditable, repeatable