Planning Cluster


Greetings all and thanks in advance for reading. I am not quite sure i can express this ask super well. But its Monday so what the heck. We are in the process of planning out our container roll-out. At the moment we are going to be using Azure AKS. In doing this and trying to learn about Docker and Kubernetes as much as i can, i find myself trying to organize the effort, decisions to be made, architecture to be architect-ed and coming up a bit short. Maybe its just too many options. Some of the items are

  1. Naming conventions (easy)
  2. container usage and strategy. (how many containers of what applications are going to be deployed and what are their specific requirements)
  3. Exposed services/endpoints. What endpoints need to be talked to via the outside world, vs same vnet vs same cluster.
  4. name space usage
  5. Other networking (is there a huge benefit to using such things as flannel)
  6. Secret usage and storage (I am assuming key vault)
  7. Build out docker files and other kube yaml files
  8. test

I know this is super broad sorry about that. What i have been searching for is some kind of checklist or architecture guide or design patterns that give details. Other types of things that help bring the above into focus and help give it some legs.

Anyone have suggestions?


Hi, we made an attempt to answer your question here, but it’s generally really broad so we did the best we could:

@errordeveloper is working on a blog post talking about this kind thing.