How to access non-k8s service running on node from inside k8s pod?

Let’s say I have single node k3s and I have a non-Kubernetes service running on my node at port 8080 for example.

Something like this:

Does it possible for my Kubernetes pod to communicate or access that service? What’s needed to make it happen?

Hi zulh:

If your node’s IP is, any of your pods can access the endpoint as (using http for simplicity, but If I guess any protocol will work).

Your pods /etc/resolv.conf file is the same as the node /etc/resolv.conf, so if your node’s hostname is mynode.mydomain.lab, and in some DNS mydns.mydomain.lab points to your node’s IP (, your pods should be able to contact your service also by using http://mynode.mydomain.lab:8080.

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Thanks @xavi. I’ll give it a try.