How to find what event creates PodDisruptionBudget?

TL;TR: Is there any way to find out what exactly created PodDisruptionBudget?

Is there any event logged which I should specifically look for to find out source of particular PodDisruptionBudget object in my cluster?

I manually delete PDB, then it comes back after my deployment is updated.

I’m using Helm Chart templates from gruntwork-io/helm-kubernetes-services, and I set Zero value for minimum availability in values.yaml

# minPodsAvailable specifies the minimum number of pods that should be available at any given point in time. This is
# used to configure a PodDisruptionBudget for the included pod. See
# for an introduction to PodDisruptionBudgets.
# NOTE: setting this to 0 will skip creating the PodDisruptionBudget resource.
minPodsAvailable: 0

in order to tell templates/pdb.yaml to skip creation of PodDisruptionBudget:

{{- if .Values.minPodsAvailable -}}
apiVersion: {{ include "gruntwork.pdb.apiVersion" . }}
kind: PodDisruptionBudget
{{- end }}

but PDB-s for my POD-s keep coming back.

If I assume the templates are correct and nothing has changed in how Helm interprets the {{- if .Values.minPodsAvailable -}} condition for .Values.minPodsAvailable == 0, then no PodDisruptionBudget for my pod should be (re)created, and I’m failing to understand why it gets created.

Is there any kind of implicit automatic PodDisruptionBudget assumed by Kubernetes?

Cluster information:

Kubernetes version: 1.25.5
Cloud being used: (put bare-metal if not on a public cloud) AKS
Installation method: AKS