How to prevent denial of service attack on kubernetes clusters

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Cluster information:

Kubernetes version:v1.15.5
Cloud being used: Bare-metal
Installation method:RKE(Rancher Kubernetes Engine)
Host OS: RHEL 7.7
CNI and version:calico-cni:v3.7.4
CRI and version: NA

Hi I have a query related to slow http Denial Of service attack for following Kubernetes services Kube-Proxy,nginx,node_exporter,nginx,kube-controller-manager,kube-scheduler,Kubelet . Our security team has login to K8 cluster via Rancher 2 UI and access to the K8 cluster and they ran the security scan for the above services and they found DOS vulnerability for those K8 services. How to resolve this DOS security issues for these services.Currently I am using Rancher v2.2.9 and K8 version 1.15.5 . Please suggest it is very urgent