How to switch latest/stable to 1.19/stable on existing HA Cluster

i am currently running a 7 node ha cluster with latest/stable 1.19.3 (1786) since the 1.19/stable was broken 40 days ago when i set up the cluster. Now i would like to switch back to 1.19/stable since i want to avoid autoupdate to 1.20 once it’s released. what is the proper way to do that?

can i just switch the channel with snap refresh --channel 1.19/stable node by node? or do i have to drain the nodes, remove and re-add them one by one? how did the autoupgrade do it? since i got an update already from 1.19.0 to 1.19.3 which somehow worked fine :smiley:


Yes a snap refresh --channel 1.19/stable node by node is the way to do that. This is what upgrades do.