Latest/stable and 1.19/stable do not match in version (with 1.19.2 not beeing stable)

I was wondering why latest/stable and 1.19/stable, which i thought is the latest stable do not match in version? I mean it’s perfect for now because 1.19.2 versions (1710, 1750,1753) are all broken in HA cluster mode. So I am happy to stay with 1.19.0, which works fine on my cluster (7 nodes in HA). But when 1.20 is released the latest/stable will automatically update my cluster to 1.20 which is something i also don’t want :slight_smile: So should 1.19/stable not be 1.19.0 (1668) beacause this is obviously the only stable 1.19 version at the moment?


Hi @Bernd_Putsche

You are right, 1.19/stbale and latest/stable should match. However we are currently addressing a few issues in the 1.19 track. As soon as we are happy with 1.19 track we will update the latest/stable.

I get this, but shouldn’t then 1.19/stable be reverted to 1.19.0, because this it’s stable compared to 1.19.2, at least in HA mode… or does 1.19.0 has other bugs? currently my latest/stable is more stable that 1.19.0 which you stated should not be used for a “long lasting” cluster installation: latest / 1.19 HA cluster problems and today the snap refresh inside the 1.19/stable even failed in the configure hook phase :frowning: