How to tag a post with "microk8s"

Sorry for the off-topic question. Can you please show how to tag a post with the microk8s tag as shown in this image?

When creating a new post you should see this field to the right of the subforum selection thing:

Thanks, but not working. I don’t have the “+” box to add tag. I tried to edit my post to add the tag as you show in your screenshot. Or create a new post. In both cases, the only choice is to select the category. There is no way to add tags.

Same issue using Chromium on Ubuntu 20.04 and Chrome on MacOS Catalina 10.15.4

Gotcha, I’ll investigate.

Ok I think I got it, I set the trust level to allow new users to tag posts (which makes sense), and then more trusted users can create tags, that should work! (Note: I tagged your other posts to be microk8s).

Working now (the “+” to add tag besides the post category is now visible), thanks for the quick fix. Also thanks for tagging my previous posts with microk8s.

I could have saved you the trouble, now that I can tag my own post :slight_smile:

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