How to upload files to kubernetes nodes

Presently my folders are with same droplet. I purchased Kubernetes nodes and fully configured as per the tutorial. I want to keep my some folders with Kubernetes nodes. How can I deploy my files to Kubernetes nodes from my website without using putty emulator

github pipeline is a nice solution. Are you trying to kubectrl apply or sftp transfer files?

I’m using kubectrl.

github workflows should work, you will need to setup kubectrl, etc in the pipeline. Use a private repo to hold the data

I configured all the process successfully in kubernetes using kubectl. But when i try to access using my IP address it is not working. After “kubectl” get pod command everything is in running mode. But site note loading. The kubectl copy finction are working fine using putty. But the website is not loading.
Can you please suggest solution for this

This could be a few issues, one of which is your ssl cert is only signed for your local ip address. It could also be a port issue