Kubernetes-Java API : Has anyone had success with Copy.copyFileToPod()?

Cluster information:

Kubernetes version: 1.19.12-gke.2100
Cloud being used: Google Cloud
Installation method:Hosted

I’m adding Kubernetes integration to my Java 8 based QA automation code and need to copy files to the pod (config files mostly, but others as well). The copyFileFromPod() works fine in my initial test.

My development system is windows based and I found an issue with how the latest 13.0.0 (and earlier) version(s) of the java api handled the remote path and submitted a fix, but even with that change the copy process hangs due to what appears the remote tar command waiting for the stdin stream to complete. If I kill the Process instance and force the socket to close, the file is created on the remote side just fine. I have what feels like a kludge workaround but it does work.

However, it got me wondering if anyone has successfully copied files to the pod using the Java API and if so what is your setup? It’s got me scratching my head and I’m stuck.