How to use a single Nginx server for all my applications?

Hello everyone,

I have 2 services, a nginx service(and deployment) in the port 80 which is link to ingress nginx controller, and a wordpress service(deployment), which has a nginx server in the port 5050.

So i have 2 services with 2 different nginx server, and i need to create a third service with phpmyadmin in it, and i will have to create an another nginx server in a different port(5000).

That is why ask myself, if i can have a single nginx service which is link with all my applications(phpmyadmin, wordpress, …).

I have search in the web, and i found the terms frontend and backend tiers, but i don’t know how to use them, or if there is a different solution.
If someone can explains it to me in simple terms.

All my docker containers are self build.