IApplicationBuilder does not includes a definition for UseHealthChecks


Hi, I’m very new with Kbernetes and this stuff.
I try to include a health check in my .NET Core WebApi.
I copy the lines I find at the tutorials in my code and get a error:
The error says: IApplicationBuilder does not includes a definition for UseHealthChecks
What is the problem in my code? I guess it is not about Kubernetes, more about C#, but still I don’t know how to manage this.
Would be lovely to get help.


Yeah, this is strictly not kubernetes. Just your code not compiling.

It seems app is of Type IApplicationBuilder and doesn’t have that method. I don’t use C#, but it should be trivial. Look at it harder and it you will probably solve it :slight_smile:


Your succestion does not realy help.


Sorry, I really don’t know C#…

I can tell you from that is that is not kubernetes, but the application. It’s a C# problem. I hope that helps to narrow it down a little bit.

If not, maybe others can help. Or you can post in some C# specific mailing list. I really don’t know what else to tell you, honestly.


I add the NuGet package

Microsoft.AspNetCore.Diagnostics.HealthChecks 2.2.0

and there for also and first

Microsoft.AspNetCore.Http.Features 2.2.0
Microsoft.AspNetCore.Http.Abstractions 2.2.0
Microsoft.Net.Http.headers 2.2.0

Now the method is known.