Looking for some feedback on a free Kubernetes Security and Compliance tool

Hi All,

I work for a small business and when covid hit we decided to try our hand at building a security and compliance tool for Kubernetes to keep our employees working when business dropped. We just recently completed the beta version of it and have been running it on our own clusters for over a month now. I am hoping some others would be interested in giving it a try and provide us with some feedback on it so we can decide if we keep going with it and if we do what direction we should go. Our focus was to make something that was easy to install so anyone with a basic understanding of Kubernetes could set it up. Typically the install takes less than 10 minutes and you are getting data right away. If anyone is interested in trying it or just learning about it please go to m9sweeper.io. Any feedback good or bad is greatly appreciated.

I would be happy to check it out if it’s open source.

So how does one install this app? The website lacks links to documentation and instructions.

Are you aware of any of the existing tools that other companies have put out there? I would be curious to know how it compares feature-wise (or maybe even what it tries to do differently), I’ve only taken a short glance at some of these types of tools below, but I haven’t really dug into any of them extensively yet.