Useful Kubernetes Tools

After a discussion on today’s Office Hours, we figured it’d be worth getting a Useful Tool thread going :slight_smile:

The Kubernetes ecosystem is vast and it can be easy to miss some of the great things the community produces.

With that let me start off with the biggest quality of life tool for dealing with many contexts:

Kubectx and Kubens - They let you quickly switch between contexts and namespaces.


Another tool is Draft. What I really like is the ability to debug applications as they run inside Kubernetes. There was a demo in SIG Apps that you can find at


Shipper - multicluster deployments


ksec - A command line tool that simplifies the management of Kubernetes Secrets.

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I don’t want to spam the thread too much, but another really useful one for folks getting started with Kubernetes is kube-score. It’s like a linter for Kubernetes objects. It will warn users if you do things like use latest in your image, don’t set resource limits etc. Also easy to integrate into CI pipeline.


A kubernetes add-on for creating and managing a cache of container images in a kubernetes cluster

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From the Kubernetes Up & Running book, the fabulous utility is an amazing investigation/debugging/wtf is going on container. For more network based testing, I made which is tiny and has some useful tools built-in.

One other badass looking utility currently in incubation is which I believe, is something Kubernetes should consider supporting natively in the future.


From today’s office hours:

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