Installing helm charts (cert-manager) as a dependency of my chart application


I have the following situation which I would like to share with you.
I have my own helm chart application service and I want to attach to it cert-manager helm chart like dependency.

In addition, I have other pre-install (like secrets and some resources from YAML files like namespaces) and crd-install hooks (cert-manager crds and kong deployment crds)

Currently when I add to my requirements.yaml file cert-manager helm chart like the dependency of this way:

  - name: cert-manager
    version: v0.7.0
    repository: # jetstack/cert-manager

And, the *.tgz cert-manager package is downloaded to mt chart/ directory

But, is happening to me the following:

cert-manager pods and deployment have taken the name of my own chart, and even my chart file is not installed. (I can’t see the pods or deployment) Looks like if the cert-manager dependency would have to override my own chart, when I apply this command

helm install --name <my-chart-application-name> ./my-chart-application/

My objective is to install first my chart and also the cert-manager chart, or at least install my chart application service and the cert-manager chart of a separate way

I have been read that

Helm collects all of the resources in a given Chart and it’s dependencies, groups them by resource type, and then installs them in the following order

Maybe is this that is happening in my case?

What thing can I do to install the charts one after the other?

I can find this approach that someone has suggested to me.