Installing Kubernetes from Scratch


Hi Everyone,
I am trying to install Kubernetes from scratch, using AWS EC2. Does anyone know of a good link or reference point? Also, any suggestions on what Linux Distro I should use for my EC2? Or doesn’t make a difference since Kubernetes will be inside? What bistro is Kueernetes 1.11 is on?
Thanks in advance.


Hi @plashgarlou, here is the link


We use Kops - which has been pretty stable and designed for AWS.


I use kubespray (quick start: for all of my Kubernetes AWS workloads.

I also use ansible for almost everything. Here are some playbooks to get you started from zero to k8 ready:


Why are you doing it?

To learn how all bits and pieces stick together? If so, Kubernetes the Hard Way is for you.

Or to get a production-ready self-managed cluster up and running? If so, kops is the way to go in my book, closely followed by kubespray.


above link is giving 404