Need to install Kubernetes (32 bit) on i386 systems. Plz Help

Installing/Compiling a native/snap/etc. 32bit version of kubernetes.

Kubernetes version: ??? (Obviously I can’t put a version, because I’ve haven’t found one that works)
Cloud being used: bare-metal
Installation method: Any available.
Host OS: Centos 7 or Ubuntu 18.04
CNI and version: ??? (same as the kubernetes version)
CRI and version: ??? (same as above)

Hi, everyone, I’m trying to build a home cluster with a few old laptops (2-4GB Ram, 250GB SataSSD, 32bit CPUs) and a small server (8GB Ram, i3 (oviously 64 bit)).
My problem is … I cannot find guides, resources, or anything to install a 32bit version of kubernetes (I have git & docker 32 bit, installed without an issue). If you could point me on the right direction that is ok. I’ve found a YUM “repo?”(I’m not sure what that place is for sure), that had a location for both YUM i386 something and APT i386 something, but I don’t know what they are (packages with binaries, or source code, or just files with info, urls,etc (like a manifest file, or something).

Could somebody give me a hand? (I’m not very experienced with compiling from source, tbh).

Thanks guys, any help would be greatly appreciated.
(I’ve been googling for a week, during my off times, but nothing … nada. I was so desperate that I was willing to use a snap, lol. Or even salt).

In general you will not find any x86 32bit binaries from any official source, everything will need to be compiled.

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Thank you :slight_smile:

The truth is, that is what I was afraid of. I have limited experience compiling in linux, and well.
I’ve followed some guides online to compile kubernetes on Centos 7 32 bit, and … something would fail, something was missing, so I googled and googled, and kept fixing the issues and recompiling, but … at one point … I couldn’t fix the issues anymore V_V

I’ll try tomorrow to compile on Ubuntu (I think I’ll have a better chance, since there are more packages available for Ubuntu, therefore less issues with needing tools (gcc, make, and whatnot) and libraries) if no one offers an easier solution.

Thanks for your input. :slight_smile:

I keep having issues to compile. These are the steps and errors I’m getting:

  • Git clone kubernetes source.
  • go into “…/kubernetes” folder.
  • Make release.

and this is what I am getting in response:

root@webtest:/var/tmp/test1/kubernetes# make release
+++ [1219 22:34:09] Verifying Prerequisites....
+++ [1219 22:34:18] Building Docker image kube-build:build-d2d69ed013-5-v1.13.4-1
+++ Docker build command failed for kube-build:build-d2d69ed013-5-v1.13.4-1

Sending build context to Docker daemon  10.75kB
Step 1/16 : FROM
 ---> cb825830a0c3
Step 2/16 : RUN touch /kube-build-image
 ---> Running in 1463a7bfacfa
standard_init_linux.go:211: exec user process caused "exec format error"
The command '/bin/sh -c touch /kube-build-image' returned a non-zero code: 1

To retry manually, run:

docker build -t kube-build:build-d2d69ed013-5-v1.13.4-1 --pull=false /var/tmp/test1/kubernetes/_output/images/kube-build:build-d2d69ed013-5-v1.13.4-1

!!! [1219 22:34:22] Call tree:
!!! [1219 22:34:22]  1: build/ kube::build::build_image(...)
Makefile:405: recipe for target 'release' failed
make: *** [release] Error 1

If I try to “retry manually” a similar output appears.
I don’t know what to do with that! I’ve googled but nothing helped.

A bit more help would be appreciated, just so I can google any further errors and fix them myself.