Internal error: running "microk8s" failed

Hi Everyone!
Steps to reproduce issue:

  1. I executed in WSL Ubuntu with systemd
    sudo snap install microk8s --classic --channel=1.25
    on Windows 11 PC

  2. Ubuntu terminal displayed
    microk8s (1.25/stable) v1.25.3 from Canonical✓ installed

  3. The following command: $ microk8s status --wait-ready thrown message
    internal error, please report: running “microk8s” failed: cannot find installed snap “microk8s” at revision 4128: missing file /snap/microk8s/4128/meta/snap.yaml

I checked directory /snap/microk8s/4128/ and there is no ./meta subdirectory.

Please be informed about this issue. What do you thin I should do to improve the error?
Thank you in advance.
Kind regards

Dear Colleagues!
I’ve got success with excution the same command - microk8s status --wait-ready
The command returned no error and normal feedback.
Thank you.