Introducing a User-Friendly Solution: A GUI for Kubernetes PVC Management

Hello everyone, I’ve been involved in Kubernetes for the past two years, and I consistently faced challenges when trying to modify files within a Persistent Volume Claim (PVC). After contemplating this issue for a few days, I developed a graphical user interface (GUI) specifically for managing Kubernetes PVCs. I’m curious to know if there’s a genuine demand or necessity for such a UI among others. If there is, I’m willing to make the code public on GitHub.

Honestly, this would be fantastic! I run a Minecraft Server of my TrueNas and would love this. Mounting and un-mounting volumes is just time consuming to to change a couple of files. If this can be done on the fly, this would be fantastic! I’m not sure how this would work on TrueNas, but it does support the use of Docker images.

This is the only thing I’ve come across thats somewhat similar:

Democratizing PVCs w/ introduction of a Volume Manager UI | Arrikto

Hi Reece, please check . Let me know if we could be of help you can email me at We are on GitHub too.