Is it possible to run an IIS Deployment in Kubernetes?

Hi. I want to know if there is the possibility to run an IIS deployment in K8s. If yes, what is the steps to deploy it?

P.S: I’ve read in the documentation that for some windows apps, we need to add a windows server node to the cluster. But I need confirmation.

you are correct. We just did this in AKS. There are some other requirements too. Like the networking must be flannel.

It is infact possible. It’s not easy. You have to start doing alot more work with tagging, taints and tolerations. We have had to modify alot of base level things to tell them “stay off the windows nodes”

Once you do this, you will need to build a “windows framework” container for your IIS app.

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As I read in the documentation, there are lots of limitations as well!
So unless we want to use cloud infra, other implementations won’t worth the pain, right?

We are having that discussion currently at my day job. We are trying to decide if it’s worth the effort for on prem. Linux containers on prem, no prob. Even .net core since it can run on the linux nodes too. But to do legacy .net framework containers… maybe not worth it. But that’s my opinion, and we are having those discussions currently.

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I’m looking forward to know the result.